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Forest Complementary Clinic
at Wood Street Opticians
153 Wood Street
E17 3LX
Telephone: 020 8531 7188

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Evangelia Kussiora

Evangelia Kussiora osteopath

Evangelia Kussiora - Osteopath (D.O., GOsC)

Eva is a UK qualified Osteopath and, as required by law, is registered with the General Osteopathic Council (GOsC) and a member of the Institute of Osteopathy. Eva has been working as an osteopath for over 20 years and is a principal of the Forest Complementary Clinic in Walthamstow.

She maintains an ongoing commitment to continuous professional development (minimum of 30 hours annually) by attending courses and seminars to improve her existing skills and techniques to keep up to date in her approach to clinical treatment (of musculoskeletal conditions).

Eva has successfully treated many painful conditions including:

Acute and chronic back pain
Stress related conditions, headaches
Work related injuries
Minor sports injuries
Neck, shoulder and mid back pain
Low back, hip and knee pain
Low back pain in pregnancy
Posture related problems in children and teenagers
Osteo-arthritic joint pain in the older generation

Each treatment is based on the individual needs of each patient and will be aimed at helping to restore or improve patients’ health, relieve pain, improve posture and minimise dependency on drugs and of course prevent reoccurrence.

Evangelia Kussiora osteopath

Early treatment may often prevent the development of more serious problems and of long term, chronic pain which can be debilitating.

There can be some discomfort for a short while after treatment as muscles or joints start to work properly again, but for most people treatment is pleasant and relaxing.

Many patients enjoy the benefits of maintenance every 3-6 months to avoid symptoms recurring. Too many people suffer pain which, with appropriate treatment and management, may be alleviated or controlled.

Pain is normally a warning signal that something is wrong; more often than not pain is the result of localised swelling of tissue which creates pressure on nerves. It normally disappears when healing takes place. Healing may occur spontaneously but normally it needs a helping hand.

Eva uses a wide variety of Techniques, depending on the age and the condition. Gentle techniques are generally adopted for elderly patients and children. Go to here for more details

There is nothing more rewarding than having my patients say that since having treatment, they feel better than ever before !!!

British Osteopathic Association osteopath