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843 Forest Road,
London E17 4AT
Telephone: 020 8531 7188

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Eva uses a wide variety of Techniques, depending on the age and the condition. Gentle techniques are generally adopted for elderly patients and children e.g.

  • Soft tissue - work-relaxing muscle tension, improving circulation and Lymphatic/ Venous drainage.
  • Neuromuscular technique – using the application of pressure and stretching in order to restore muscle balance and tone.
  • Muscle energy Techniques – methods of treating shortened or tightened muscle in which the patient is actively involved.
  • Mobilisation of joints – improving joint movement by gentle pressure and stretching of the joints with minimal discomfort.
  • Joint Manipulation involving - application of a small but fast amount of pressure to a joint.
  • Rhythmic Harmonic Technique – gentle rocking to improve movement and reduce pain
  • Strain- Counter strain - a method of relieving pain by putting the joint into its position of greatest comfort.
  • Exercise Prescription – Advice on posture and on gentle exercise can help maintain the improvement brought about treatment.
  • Electrical treatments - Interferential Therapy - Interferential therapy, which provides a stimulating current to nerve and muscle cells and can help improve circulatory and lymphatic congestion, help to reduce swelling and inflammation and assist control of pain. I have found it effective in sports injuries, repetitive strain injury and conditions as diverse as sciatica, tennis elbow and peripheral neuralgias, and also to help osteoarthritic problems brought on by reduced blood flow to the area involved.



We provide a number of treatments including osteopathy and a variety of alternative and complementary therapies.

osteopathy and other treatments

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Our clinic is based in Walthamstow, East London at 843 Forest Road, E17 4AT

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