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843 Forest Road,
London E17 4AT
Telephone: 020 8531 7188

Ayurvedic Treatments

Energy Point Massage
- deeply relaxing treatment includes head, face, neck, shoulders, hands, feet, plus other areas as needed
Loose clothing can be worn for this treatment

-gentle massage of energy points using essential oils to suit the individual
- calming and balancing

Facial massage

-nourishing aromatic oils to suit the individual skin type
-relaxing treatment stimulates circulation and relieves muscle tension in face and jaw
-gently stimulates energy points on the face that balance and relax the whole body

Nasya Sinus treatment

-a very relaxing, nourishing treatment, beneficial to everyone
-includes facial oil massage, steam and nasal drops to clear the airways
-opens the sinuses, nasal and inner ear passages and clears the head

Herbal Oil Massage

-various herb infused oils chosen according to the individual
-active herbal ingredients are absorbed through the skin
-used for stress, anxiety, insomnia,, dry skin, muscle tension

Deep Heat Massage
Whole body or partial e.g. neck, shoulder and back
or swelling /pain/stiffness in knees, ankles and feet

-warmed aromatic herbal bolus used for gentle massage
-heat penetrates deep into joints and muscles
-relaxing, energising and rejuvenating massage
-for coldness, poor circulation, swelling/oedema, stiff, painful or swollen joints, tight muscles.
.A blissful, rejuvenating treatment.

Ayurvedic Consultations

Joanna Mingay alexander technique
Yoanna Mingay MSTAT MAPA BWY. Ayurveda, yoga, Alexander technique

Mob: 07931 737 450